A Three-Phase Luxury Experience, Designed to Get You Into a Long-Term or Marital Relationship

1Phase One

This comprehensive, proprietary discovery phase takes a warm and relaxed approach to welcoming you into the process. Together, you and Taylor develop an understanding of exactly what you want and need in a relationship partner, and you learn more about what to expect. This gratifying phase goes beyond the traditional “interview” that most Matchmaking agencies offer, and overlaps with the first introduction or two. Most clients find this to be a refreshing and enlightening experience that sets them up for success throughout the rest of the Matchmaking process.  

2Phase Two

You will begin the exciting process of meeting stunning individuals Taylor has selected for you, and with Taylor’s feedback, making the most of each and every date. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the luxury dating experience, because Taylor is ensuring that you not only meet connected, appropriate and highly-desirable candidates, but that you are well prepared to ignite that spark of chemistry and recognition with each one.

3Phase Three

By this stage in the process, most clients find themselves entering into a relationship, and it usually happens more quickly than anticipated! During this exciting phase, introductions are put on hold as you give your wonderful new romance time to develop into a deeply rewarding long-term relationship or marital engagement. Taylor is available throughout this phase to offer as little or as much support and guidance as you desire. 

Expect Life-Changing Results & The Future You’ve Always Wanted

Working with Taylor is a luxury experience that ultimately allows you to accelerate your search for love. You’ll stop wasting time with inappropriate candidates and lackluster dates, instead finding yourself exhilarated and deeply enjoying the many connections you are making. With Taylor’s assistance, each and every date is a wonderful and affirming experience, steps on the path to finding exactly the right incredible individual to share your life with.

Taylor’s near 100% success rate has resulted in more than three-hundred successful matches in DC’s power circles. This is your chance to let DC’s best kept secret help you find the one for you!

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