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Get Ready to LOVE Dating. (I’m Serious.)

You may have heard modern dating referred to as a "labor of love." This is almost an accurate description, but not quite. A labor of love is something you don't mind doing. In fact, a labor of love is supposedly something you would do even if you didn't have to. 

I think we both [...]

Get Ready to LOVE Dating. (I’m Serious.)2018-08-13T22:08:09+00:00

The Truth About My Almost 100% Success Rate

It sounds like hyperbole, right? How could I possibly have a near 100% success rate as a personal matchmaker? Depending on how you came across my website, you could be reading this figure with a dose of healthy skepticism, especially if you are personally in the market for a high-end matchmaker. If you've come [...]

The Truth About My Almost 100% Success Rate2018-08-13T21:43:25+00:00